Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Halloween Garlands

Halloween Garlands | Red Circle Crafts

To put these garlands in perspective, this project started with the express purpose of covering my ceiling in hanging decorations for an upcoming Halloween party. I live in a loft with a cement ceiling and mostly cement walls. So the cement makes it easy to tape things up for temporary decorations.

The skulls above ended up hanging on my front door as a silent: Beware!

Skull printable pattern can be found at Hello Lucky. I just punched small holes on the sides of the head and strung them up.

Circle Halloween Garland | Red Circle Crafts

This one is crisscrossing the ceiling adding pops of color against the black crepe paper streamers I already have up there. If you've never sewn on paper before, it's really simple, though a sewing machine is recommended.

First cut out your pieces (circles in this case - Thank You circle punch!). Cut however many you'd like. I ended up cutting down 2 large pieces of poster board and got about 200 2-inch circles. It makes a LOT of garland though, so you may not want as much. The paper should be at least copy paper weight and not as thick as card board. Anything in between goes.

Next start sewing. Set your machine to it's longest stitch and feed the paper through the machine. I left some space between each circle and just let the machine stitch while I pulled the last circle to the edge of the sewing machine before I lined up the next circle to go through.  When all the circles (or whatever shape you used) are gone, keep sewing and pulling the last piece so you get a long enough thread to hang it with.

A note for those of you brave enough to make a long garland, I found it helpful to stop every so often and wrap what was already sewn around a jar I had nearby so that it didn't get tangled up together behind my sewing machine.

Hanging Origami Bats | Red Circle Crafts

After folding these awesome, easy origami bats (36 of them actually), I strung them up on black thread to hang in a curtain from the ceiling. A little piece of masking tape inside the bat holds the thread in place well enough.

If like me, you have cats hell bent on destroying anything made of paper, be sure they don't hang low enough to be in range for them.

I'm still hanging the last of my decorations, but I'm feeling pretty ready for this Halloween Party.


  1. I love these decorations! Wow, 36 origami bats is an achievement. Your skull garlands are also super cute. I've been having fun putting up decoratoins, but I think garlands are a great way to make a big impact!

  2. Thanks! I love garlands and try to work them into my decorating when possible.