Friday, October 25, 2013

Space Found. Teachers Wanted.

I've been idly looking around for a place to hold my crafting classes for a good while now. At the top of my list has been a shared office space in my neighborhood that rents out their conference rooms. Now that I'm finally booking teachers for my classes, it was time to book space.

Crafting Classes Here

I never wrote down exactly what I was looking for, but this place checked off each and every one none the less. So much light, both artificial for evening classes and big windows during the day. There's a nice big table and comfortable chairs. And the room itself is wonderful! I love the exposed brick walls, the high ceiling with the beams visible, and the asymmetrical room. Best of all, we'll basically have the place to ourselves during evenings and weekends. The person that showed me around seemed happy to have us making a mess, as long as we clean it up and do something to protect their furniture.

Brick wall! Exposed ceiling beams!

So hooray! We're getting a lot closer to starting classes. I'm still looking for teachers of course. We may start as soon as the end of December, but likely it won't be until January. Everyone that I've approached so far has too much on their plate for December already.

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