Thursday, November 7, 2013

Cleaning Up For Crafting

My Singer Sewing Machine

I sat down at my sewing machine today and noticed that it sounded off, meaning I probably hadn't cleaned and oiled it lately. I haven't been sewing as much in the past year as I used to and I've gotten out of the habit of cleaning and oiling my machine on a regular basis. I actually love taking it all apart, cleaning and putting it back together. It's very meditative and hits my need to break things down to its component parts very well.

While I was cleaning my machine it reminded me of a post at Coletterie that I had glanced at and moved past about sewing machine maintenance. Because I know it all, right? So I went back to check it out and at the very least remind myself of what I should be doing to care for my very well-loved machine.

While I generally clean up after myself when I'm crafting (a very small apartment + very curious cats = everything must be put away), I know that I'm sometimes careless with my equipment, especially the ones that don't get too messy, like scissors. What other tools should I be caring for better? What do you clean on a regular basis, just because you should?

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