Friday, November 22, 2013

Crafting Holiday Gifts

Printable Gift Wrap from the Elli Blog
Did you read the post over on Crafty Pod about maximizing joy and reducing stress when making gifts? I kind of loved it.

I hate shopping at big box stores and it feels easier (in October) to make most of my gifts for everyone. But I always end up stressing in the middle of December trying to finish everything off to go in the mail so that it arrives in time.

Making lists helps me a lot. I'm a list maker. This year I started early (gasp) and I've been working on bits and pieces of gifts each week. Sometimes though I'm just not motivated to work on that project when I plan to though. So it helps to have my list to look at to see what else I could be working on.

I also think I'm going to go back over my list and see who may not be interested in receiving a handmade gift. Not everyone does. Or maybe even the projects that I'm not that excited about. The trick for me is to substitute them with purchases from places that I want to support like local small businesses and etsy shops. I'm planning to hit up a few places participating in Little Boxes the Friday or Saturday after Thanksgiving here in Portland.

In the last few years we've trimmed our gift list too. Just close family (with a few exceptions) get actual presents from us. Grandparents, other extended family we're close to, and some friends receive a card, ornament and/or cookies.

Note: The photo is from the Elli Blog and is some of my favorite free printable wrapping paper.

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