Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Felt Fall Leaf Garland

Felt Fall Leaf Garland | Red Circle CraftsI am a big fan of garlands. You probably noticed. They're versatile and I can put them up high enough that my cats won't get into them. I also love flowers, but they are instantly eaten by the cats. I'm lucky that I haven't had to take them to the vet because of something they ate. So fake plant life, pretty much perfect for my home.

I saw a tutorial for a no-sew felt garland on Pam Garrison's Blog. It's bright, colorful, and looks easy. I followed her directions and looked up "oak leaves" on google images to use as templates. Since I went to all the effort, I'm providing you with the templates that I used here.

Felt Fall Leaf Garland | Red Circle Crafts

Once I began cutting out all of the leaves, I realized how big of project this really is. I mean, it's a lot of cutting. I used a a large-eyed needle and some goldish craft wire (it's pretty skinny) to string up the leaves. I think next time I'd make the leaves go in all different directions, but I still like the way this turned out.

Felt Fall Leaf Garland | Red Circle Crafts

I can't believe how different mine looks from the original, but I think it has a lot to do with the colors we chose. I dug through my stash of felt and used what I had, so the colors vary widely from the soft muted fall tones Pam Garrison used.


  1. This is a lovely fall decoration--so colorful!