Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Giraffe Plate

Giraffe Plate | Red Circle Crafts

On the Three Little Monkeys blog I saw this amazing T-Rex plate and I knew I had to attempt to make it.

I tried so hard to find an octopus instead of a giraffe. I wanted more than anything to have an octopus plate. Besides the fact that the person I gifted this to is a marine biologist in-training, she just likes octopi. It was not to be though. After spending far more time than is healthy looking through plastic animals at all of the toy stores in town, I decided on this giraffe because it was sturdy and adorable.


With a little help from a saw, I carefully sliced the neck from the body. Turns out that this particular toy is solid plastic, not hollow, and difficult to cut with a hand saw. Who knew? I ended up using an exacto knife and some sand paper to make good surfaces to attach to the plate.

Attaching the giraffe

Unlike what the post on Three Little Monkeys shows, I chose to spray the giraffe separately from the plate so that the plate is still food safe. But that meant I had to be a little pickier about the plate I chose. After spray painting both the top and bottom halves with just off-white paint and another coat of clear, I glued (with E6000) it all together. It was not easy. And in fact I ended up knocking it around when it was not quite set and had to start all over. But the end product was certainly worth it.

Giraffe Plate | Red Circle Crafts

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