Friday, November 29, 2013

Handmade Christmas Stockings

J & I gifted each other our Christmas stockings many years ago. So mine is purple velvet and his is this floppy hand-sewn red/red and white stars deal. They are both ridiculous and wonderful in their own ways. I've thought about replacing them with something new that matches and is better made. But I love them still, so at least one more Christmas of them.

But maybe you want to make yourself a new set of stockings? Here are a few tutorials to get you started.

Classic Cuffed Stocking from Positively SplendidPositively Splendid has a full tutorial and free printable pattern of these simple, straight-forward stockings. You could add lots of details or amazing fabric to really make these your own.


Woodland Animal Burlap Stockings from Martha StewartI got lost in the maze that is Martha Stewart's website looking at all of the options for stockings, not to mention holiday decor. Martha Stewart has tons of great ideas and beautifully styled photos, but the tutorials always seem to be missing all of the little details. So it's pretty much trial and error working with her patterns. But these look really straight-forward and easy to make. So if you're up for the adventure, they could be so cute!


Quilted Stocking from The Purl BeeThe Purl Bee is the opposite of Martha Stewart. They're tutorials are super long and detailed with tons of good pictures showing all the tricky parts. Which is good because this is a pretty intricate tutorial.


An Etsy Treasury of Christmas StockingsLast, but not least, I put together a treasury on Etsy of a whole slew of stockings I found. The top half are all patterns for sale (mostly instant downloads) and the bottom half are all stockings for purchase. I love those elf boot ones with the curly toes and I'm super impressed by the appliqued ones. Beautiful work all around!

All of the photos included in this post belong to their respective websites, except the screenshot of the etsy treasury, those images belong to the individual artists listed.

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