Friday, November 15, 2013

Kung Fu Theater

Hollywood Theater Marquee

I'm not a big Kung Fu buff, in fact I'm particularly unintelligible when I try to talk about Kung Fu Movies that I like. I can never remember actor's names or movie titles and some of them have a tendency to blend together in my brain after watching. But I love to watch them.

The Hollywood Theater (located strangely enough in the Hollywood Neighborhood in NE Portland) shows an older Kung Fu Movie every second Tuesday of the month. Which was this week. And I was there. Yes!

The Prodigal Son was amazing. I laughed when it was supposed to be funny; it had awesome kung fu; and best of all it had Sammo Hung. If you like older Hong Kong style kung fu movies, I totally recommend it.

Also I noticed that the Hollywood Theater is showing The Last Unicorn at the end of the month. I am totally going to that too.

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