Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Making Leaf Christmas Ornaments

Fall Leaf Christmas Ornament | Red Circle Crafts

One of my favorite parts of gift-giving is making ornaments to give to friends and family. I like to personalize them a little for each person, and I usually try to write the year on it somewhere. So I'm always on the look out for new ideas to try for ornaments.

I love the napkin rings that Design Mom created using plaster of paris and leaves from a tree. Following her instructions, I made little foil molds and added a piece of a plastic straw to the inside with hot glue in order to get a nice neat hole in the top of my piece.

Leaf Ornament Mold | Red Circle Crafts

While the finished product looks like a leaf changing colors, I used a leaf I'd just plucked from a neighborhood tree so that it was soft and pliable (and easier to take out of the plaster).

Leaf Christmas Ornament | Red Circle Crafts

Once it was painted, I added a red ribbon and it's ready to hang! Super easy and using mostly items I already had at home.

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