Monday, December 23, 2013

Last Minute Christmas Ornaments

Paper Ball Christmas Ornament | Red Circle Crafts

I know the last few days before Christmas tend to be a little crazy, especially if you make any portion of your gifts. I have been known to finish making a gift on Christmas Eve. This year, I'm not visiting family for Christmas, but staying in Portland. So I had to mail off the majority of my presents this year (done!). That leaves me time to make a few odds and ends to fill up my tree or deck my walls (no halls here exactly).

I found a really easy ornament tutorial from Maker Mama. Between my circle punch and glue gun, I knocked out several of these in half an hour.

Paper Ball Christmas Ornaments | Red Circle Crafts

Paper Ball Christmas Ornaments | Red Circle Crafts

I cut up an old calendar from a few years ago and a used blue file folder to make these. I love that cutting up a large image seems to tell a story, but only in bits and pieces. They look pretty awesome hanging on my tree too.

Paper Ball Christmas Ornaments | Red Circle Crafts

I've been posting my progress on other last minute crafting on Instagram.

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  1. Those are beautiful. You could make one for your Mom next year...