Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Origami Christmas Ornaments

Origami Christmas Ornaments | Red Circle Crafts

Modular origami is a type of origami that uses more than one folded piece of paper to build a complex shape. Usually you fold many squares the exact same way and then tuck them into each other to build a larger piece. I took two different shapes and made them out of pages from a book.

(Sacrilege you say? Well maybe, but this was actually a recycling project as the pages were leftover from a different project that used only a book cover. Also the book was bought from the goodwill after someone had already loved it. No new books were harmed in the making of these ornaments.)

The Eight-Pointed Star

Origami Christmas Ornaments | Red Circle Crafts

I used these instructions, in Norwegian, from Home by Linn. I promise the pictures are worth a thousand words in English. Although google translate is pretty amazing (there's a button at the bottom of the page that will enable google translate). Before I tightened all the pieces, I slipped a piece of ribbon through. Although I have to admit it took me several tries to get all the pieces to lock into place.

The Octahedron

Origami Christmas Ornaments | Red Circle Crafts

Maybe it's an eight thing? I just liked the look of this one. Totally coincidental that it has eight sides. The instructions are from this origami site. You can find tons of other modular origami instructions there if you'd like to try something else. To attach the ribbon, I opened up one little flap on the top and bottom, one at a time, and fed the ribbon through octahedron. There are two knots, one at the bottom and one inside just below the top, although I think only one is really necessary.

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