Friday, December 13, 2013

Portland Art & Craft Fairs 2013

Portland Holiday Craft Fairs | Red Circle Crafts

I went to an excellent art and craft fair last weekend, but I just stumbled upon it. Realizing that I've been missing one of my favorite parts of the season, I've done my homework and found some events I definitely don't want to miss this weekend. Sadly, I probably can't go to them all.

December 13 - 14th ADX's Gifted (I missed this last year. So definitely going this year.)

December 14th Hip Happening Bazaar

December 14 - 15th Crafty Wonderland (Can't wait!)

December 14th Opening of The Big 400 at People's Art of Portland

December 15th The Crafty Underdog

December 15th Geek the Halls


If you miss these this weekend, the Saturday Market has its Festival of the Last Minute December 18 - 24th.

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