Thursday, December 12, 2013

Wrapping Naturally

I love dressing up packages with pretty things, especially this time of year there so many wonderful baubles to attach to gifts. But in the same way that I hate extra packaging from stores, I have some internal conflicts about adding too much packaging to presents.

I try to reuse as much as I can: ribbons, boxes, bags, tissue paper, even wrapping paper sometimes. This year, I bought some rolls of kraft paper for gift wrapping. It's inexpensive, doesn't have dyes or bleach in it, and can be recycled (unlike the beautiful metalic wrapping papers).

So I love finding clever ways to use natural materials to make a package pretty, upcycle what might otherwise be trash into something pretty, or make the packaging part of the gift, something the receiver will use after they unwrap it.

Here are some of the tutorials I've come across. I hope they make your gift wrapping beautiful!

Bow Made From A Magazine from How About Orange Newspaper Gift Bags from How About Orange
How About Orange
has two tutorials that I've used this year. The bow took me a few tries to figure out how not to make it all wonky, but looks absolutely stunning made out of interesting pages from a magazine. You could also make it out of whatever scraps of paper you have lying around. The gift bag made from a newspaper is super simple to make and I love they way they look. If you don't have grommets, think about adding the ribbon to the inside of the bag instead!

Fabric Gift Wrap from Chewing the Cud
Chewing the Cud has several great tutorials on gift wrapping with fabric. I love the fabric she uses, but it would be a great way to use fabric you already have too, especially on a gift for a sewer. This tutorial seems really versatile and could be easily used for a number of different shaped packages.

Rosemary Wreaths DIY from Spoon Fork Bacon
Spoon Fork Bacon has a tutorial on making these little Rosemary Wreaths to use as place cards. I immediately saw that these would make beautiful gift toppers too. I plan on making a few of these from extra bits from my Christmas Tree. Though if I had rosemary bush nearby, I would already have made a bunch of these.

Christmas Tree Gift Toppers Tutorial from Fellow Fellow
These adorable gift toppers from Fellow Fellow are a beautiful example of something that is made from natural materials (sticks!) and something that is part of the gift. With a small piece of string these could easily be turned into ornaments and hung from the tree after unwrapping.

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  1. What a great use for my very prolific rosemary plant!

  2. I'd forgotten about your rosemary plant. Are you going to do that before Christmas?

  3. Those rosemary wreaths are adorable. I bet they would look good with a red bauble hung in the middle from the string.