Thursday, December 19, 2013

Wreath Tutorial Round Up

Next to the Christmas Tree, Wreaths are by far my favorite holiday decoration. They can be simple or complicated, natural or not, and a wide variety of colors and styles. I tend to be drawn to the ones made from natural materials and in traditional Christmas colors. But these tutorials could easily be adapted to suit your own style.

Moss & PomPom Wreath Tutorial from The Paper MamaThis simply-made wreath from The Paper Mama is made very inexpensively. I love the little deer and the white pompoms. It's terribly cute.

Chandelier Wreath Tutorial from Creative BugCreative Bug posted the tutorial for this amazing hanging wreath. It would look beautiful hanging over a table if, like me, you don't have a chandelier.

Paper Mistletoe Wreath from Sweet Paul MagazineSweet Paul Magazine's Winter 2011 issue has a series of different wreaths (starts page 118) with tutorials for each of them (page 124). I especially love this paper mistletoe one.

Natural Wreath Tutorial from Fellow FellowThis tutorial from Fellow Fellow is excellent because of how versatile it is. It gives helpful instructions for picking plants that will last through the season and a method that will work for a wide variety of materials to achieve a similar look.

All photos in this post belong to the linked sites.

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