Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Screen Printing With Stencils

Party Animal Screen Printing | Red Circle Crafts

I love screen printing. I asked my friends what they thought my favorite craft was. While my question was all snark, they universally answered screen printing and meant it in all seriousness. So maybe my friends know me? And maybe they're right. I do a lot of different crafts, but it always makes me happy to clear an afternoon to set aside for screen printing.

I made these two shirts for my nephew for Christmas. The drawings are my own from summer of 2013 when I drew a whole series of animals wearing party hats. I saved the originals and have used them for a couple of projects since then.

Party Animal Screen Printing | Red Circle Crafts

I've thought of doing a screen printing tutorial, and maybe I will, but another day. If you're willing to spend money on screens (the most expensive part), a squeegee, and ink, it's totally feasible to screen print at home without a lot of equipment. I use my kitchen table to print on and when I'm finished put it all away in a tub that lives on top of a closet.

If I have something I want burned on a screen, I'll take it to someone to burn for me. But if I have an idea I only plan to print once or twice, there's no point in burning a screen, at least for me. So I make a stencil out of contact paper that I throw away when I clean the screen. With a little bit of time and patience, I can turn most any image into a stencil. Although certainly some images are easier than others.

Party Animal Screen Printing | Red Circle Crafts

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