Thursday, January 30, 2014

Square Circle Skirts

Square Circle Skirst | Red Circle Crafts

I have three nieces. I recently went on a skirt making binge and made them all skirts. I found a really simple tutorial from Make It & Love It. It is literally two squares of knit fabric with a hole for the waist attached to wide elastic.

The smaller one (blue one) I made from my youngest niece, but had originally intended it for my 16 year old niece. I mistakenly thought measuring from the middle of the square to the corner would give me the length of the skirt, but quickly realized that I needed to measure from the edge of the circle to the short edge of the square. I think my sister would kill me if I'd sent such a short skirt to her 16 year old daughter.

Square Circle Skirst | Red Circle Crafts

You can see that I had to gather the waist a little to fit a 5 year old, since I had cut the waist for a thin 16 year old.

Square Circle Skirst | Red Circle Crafts

The tutorial I found is technically for children, but it scales up really well. This would be especially great as a simple sewing project for someone just learning to sew on knit fabric. Mistakes would be easily hid in the drape of the skirt.

I also love that the tutorial recommends using an old shirt to turn into a kids skirt. The blue one is made from a jersey knit dress that didn't fit well.



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