Thursday, January 9, 2014

Upcycling Projects

Upcycling Projects | Red Circle Crafts

Upcycling is one of those weird words that I think we all use a little differently, but most people understand each other when talking about it. My definition is to turn something of little or no value (like trash, packaging, or holey socks) into a finished product or high-value commodity.

As a self-described DIYer, I'm a huge fan of upcycling. I use old magazines and misprinted printer paper scraps instead of art paper, cut down old clothes for sewing projects when they aren't in good enough shape to be donated, and save glass jars for storage and projects. I'm always looking for new projects that I can do to reduce my trash. It's fulfilling to take something I might otherwise throw away and make it beautiful and useful.

Here are some upcycling projects I've found that use materials I have or could find reasonably easily. You may have seen some of these projects on my pinterest boards if you follow me.

Sumo Plastic Bottle Bowling Pins from Sugar and DotsI have a soft spot for sumo wrestling. Video of the 15 day tournaments is often playing in the background while I'm working on other things and I've become fascinated by the sport. These little sumo bowling pins by Sugar and Dots are perfect in my mind.


Can and Wool Candles from My LIfe BoxOne of the most amazing things about upcycling is the ability to make something look brand new. I love that these candles from My Life Box look they could be from some hip store and cost an arm and a leg, when in fact they are made from used cans.


Slipper Boots from Drawings Under The TableDrawings Under the Table has a great tutorial in pictures that shows how to use the shape of the cuff and sleeve to make these slippers fit like they were made for your feet. And they look super comfy.


Plastic Bottle Planters from RosenbaumThis tutorial from Rosenbaum is in spanish, but the pictures are surprisingly easy to follow. I love how beautiful they look hanging together even if I don't generally think plastic soda bottles are beautiful.


Chalkboard Place Cards from Family ChicThese sweet little place cards from Family Chic are made from the corners of a clementine box. It's definitely clementine season, so a good time to find creative ways to reuse the wooden crates they come in.


Paper Bag Berry Baskets from EllineeI love these berry baskets from Ellinee, but I haven't sat down and made one yet because the task looks daunting. Maybe it's easier than it looks? They would make lovely catch-alls for my desk.

All photos belong to the site they are linked to. The first image is mine. But if you're wondering how to make them, it's a grocery bag and magazine page glued together. Try here for a huge list of envelope templates.

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