Wednesday, March 19, 2014

It Feels Like Spring

Portland is full of blossoms, the PSU farmer's market has started up again, and the weather seems to be cooperating too. I'm ready for spring to be here. In fact I've been staring longingly at all things plant related. Even when I don't have a construction project blocking my windows, I don't have great light in my apartment and no outdoor space. So, for me, it's all about other people's gardens.

Here are few interesting plant-centric DIY projects.

Growing Microgreens by Five & OneThis is one I use frequently as it doesn't require much light and makes such a big difference when fresh greens are pretty scarce. Five & One explains how easy it is to grow your own microgreens (otherwise known as sprouts) from seeds or dried lentils.

Hanging Easter Posies by Justine HandI love hanging things from my high ceilings and using things I may have otherwise thrown out. We eat a lot of eggs in our household. It would be a fun project to spend a few days collecting enough to make little vases. This tutorial is from Justine Hand via the Gardenista.

Vertical Plant Gardens From Refinery 29Refinery 29 has two great picture tutorials for hanging gardens. I am particularly fond of those felt pockets. And I love the photo of tattoo covered arms and hands carefully hand sewing the felt.

Clay Plant Labels by Say YesSay Yes has this ridiculously cute tutorial for making plant labels. I think you could easily take this idea and run away with it if maybe squirrels and porcupines (or is that a hedgehog?) are not your thing.

I am so thankful, especially this time of year that I live in Portland and not New York anymore. Everyone I know on that side of the country is ready for the snow and cold to be gone. Portland seems to be bursting with spring.

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