Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Portland: It doesn't rain a lot, it just rains often.

I titled my post after a button I saw on etsy. It was this saying that I tried to convey to my mom when she was here caught in yet another rain storm. "It's not usually like this," I tried to say. But when Portland has such a reputation of rainy weather and then the proof is soaking wet right in front of you, it's hard to dispute.

I think if you choose to live here, as so many of us moved here from elsewhere, you resign yourself to at least some wet weather. And I like to think that I've come to embrace it. So this post is dedicated to the rain in Portland.

Red Umbrella by Michelle MauleRed Umbrella Watercolor Painting by Michelle Maule on Etsy

Cloud and Rain Felt Garland by OhMyDeerLoveCloud and Rain Felt Garland from Oh My Deer Love on Etsy

Turquoise Rain Romance by AmberElizabethArtTurquoise Rain Romance Giclee Canvas Print from AmberElizabethArt on Etsy

Raindrop by InstantAnalogRain Drop Polaroid Print by Instant Analog on Etsy

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