Tuesday, March 11, 2014

St. Patrick's Day and Other Tales

I have a lot of weird stories about St. Patrick's Day. It's an eventful holiday for me, considering I usually just try to avoid it.

Most memorable was the year two of my friends were getting married in downtown Boston on St. Patrick's Day. J and I drove up from New York through one of the worst blizzards to get there in time. I love when J tells the story about the car spinning out because he makes me sound like a total rock star, but really I was so far beyond scared from hours of tense driving that I was this weird faux-calm. When we finally made it through the storm and into Boston. We could hardly drive through downtown because of all the revelry at 10 am. They are serious about their celebrating.

I'll hopefully have a St. Patty's Day tutorial ready for Thursday. In the meantime, here's some green inspiration to get you into the holiday spirit.

Spring Cloth Napkins from Purl BeeSpring cloth napkin tutorial from Purl Bee.


Lo-res Apple & Pear from Log LikeApple and Pear Ornaments from British Designers Log Like.


Preserving Herbs from TipnutPreserving Herbs Tips and Tricks from Tipnut.


Paper Succulent Tutorial from Craftberry BushBeautiful paper succulents (with a tutorial) from Craftberry Bush.

All photos belong to their respective sites.

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