Thursday, April 3, 2014

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

While I know that people have babies throughout the year, I find that I go to more baby showers in the spring than any other time. While I usually take a peak at the gift registry, I will often make some or all of the gift I give. I try to stick with whatever colors the parents-to-be lean towards in the registry and make something that will hopefully mean more because it's handmade.

Here are a few tutorials for awesome baby shower gifts.

Tiny Harem Pants by The Allison ShowMy go to for baby shower gifts is usually clothing and a plush toy. I have in fact made these pants from The Allison Show and they are too adorable for words.


Dyed Wooden Blocks from Say YesThese wooden blocks from Say Yes are dyed with food coloring, so they're non-toxic. You could dye any kind of wooden toys this way. I've also seen beeswax covered wooden blocks and toys for a more natural look.


The Perfect Diaper Cover by MadeI've made more than one set of these cute diaper covers from Made. I paired them with this incredibly sweet dress for a complete ensemble.


Lucky Star Mobile by One Dog WoofI'm a sucker for a beautiful mobile. There are so many ideas for greats ones, simple to truly complex. This lucky star mobile from One Dog Woof I think falls somewhere in between, but is more time consuming than difficult.


Baby Sleep Bag at Sew Mama SewSew Mama Sew has a huge variety of sewing tutorials available on their website, plus great instructions on tricky sewing techniques. This Baby Sleep Bag tutorial by Fishsticks on the Sew Mama Sew blog is a great example.


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