Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Paper Flower Wreath

Paper Flower Wreath | Red Circle Crafts

Let me start off by saying that I really thought this project would take me a few hours and that I am terrible at following directions.

I first saw this tutorial from The House That Lars Built just before Valentine's Day. I loved it immediately, but realized that I don't actually have ANY of the supplies for it, so I temporarily shelved it. With spring in full bloom here in Portland, I wanted to make some sort of flowery wreath for my front door and I immediately thought of this project. I looked at the materials again and figured I'd wing it. Because just often enough I can use or repurpose other materials than what the instructions call for that I actually believe myself when I think: "I don't actually need to buy any of those things on that supplies list, I'll make do with what I have."

So what I did use:

Yellow crepe paper streamers
Newsprint painted with watercolors
Craft wire of two thicknesses
Polymer clay
Tissue paper
Hot glue

I should have followed the instructions and bought crepe paper and flower stamens. While my method worked, it made EVERYTHING about six times as long. I also felt the need to reinvent the wheel at every step and tried a few things (tissue paper petals) that did not work.

Paper Flower Wreath | Red Circle Crafts

Despite the huge investment of time that went into this, I am immensely proud of how it turned out. I absolutely adore the watercolored petals and the the color palette. Even the stamens, which I was a little iffy about before I put the whole thing together, totally rock. This was truly a labor of love and at the end, I actually think it was worth it.

Just one last quick note, the paper flower templates that The House That Lars Built has available on her website are absolutely top notch. I totally recommend checking out all of her tutorials for them.

Paper Flower Wreath | Red Circle Crafts


  1. Thanks! It's one of my favorite things that I've made lately.

  2. The delicate nature of the materials and painterly treatment on the petals, plus the colour combos used make this a stunning wreath – it’s beautiful!

  3. Thank you! I'm glad you like it.