Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Mother's Day Cards

Saturday I had quite a scare. I thought that I'd been mistaken and Mother's day was actually May 4th, instead of the 11th. AND I hadn't mailed my mom or my mother-in-law anything. I was easily reassured (thank you google) that Mother's Day was still a week away and I could put my packages in the mail in plenty of time.

Mom, if you're reading this. You should stop. It'll ruin your surprise. If you are not my mom, read on!

If you are looking for a quick Mother's Day Card to send to your mom and have a sewing machine with a few different stitches on it, whip one up in her preferred colors.

Mother's Day Card | Red Circle Crafts

I took a piece of white cotton sitting in my scrap bin and sewed a few lines of pretty stitches in my mom's favorite blue. Then I ironed on a piece of interfacing to the back, to give it some structure and help protect the stitches when I cut through them.

Mother's Day Card | Red Circle Crafts

I cut out a circle and sewed it into my card with a straight stitch (longest stitch setting), with the pretty stitches showing through a heart cut out.

I find when sewing on paper, that I need to slow down and use a light touch on the paper, especially curves. It doesn't respond exactly like fabric.

Mother's Day Card | Red Circle Crafts

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