Thursday, May 15, 2014

T-Shirt Upcycling Projects

It's spring, which doesn't always mean spring cleaning, but it certainly does this year. J says I'm in moving-mode only without the actual move. It's probably a little insane, but we usually move every few years. We just signed our third lease extension for this apartment. So maybe I'm a little stir-crazy. But I don't want to move again. We finally found an awesome landlord; I am not willing to give him up.

Back to the point: spring cleaning has given me a pile of clothes to get rid of. I'll donate most of them, but some of them will go into my scrap fabric bin. And I'm thinking of hoarding all the knit materials for some projects like these.

Crochet Rug from Olino HobbyI am in love with these rugs from Olino Hobby. Use google translate (it's in Russian) to read the tutorial. But to be honest the pictures are all you need. I might teach myself to crochet just to make these. Is that crazy?


5 Stranded Braided Headbands from Make It & Love ItThese headbands from Make It & Love It are adorable and can be re-appropriated for lots of other crafts, like handles, collars, and waist bands. If nothing else, it's an excellent tutorial for learning a 5 strand braid.


DIY Multi-Strand Scarf from Rabbit Food For My Bunny TeethThis scarf tutorial from Rabbit Food For My Bunny Teeth is super classy. I always want to wear summer scarfs, and then don't. I endeavor to wear scarves and floppy straw hats with sun dresses; my future self will fully embrace them.


Flirty Fringe Necklace from Brit + CoThis post from Brit + Co has 15 different tutorials for making jewelry out of old t-shirts. This fringe necklace is my speed: easy, looks good, and doesn't require a jewelry-making background or tools.

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