Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Father's Day Cards

Father's Day, not being too long after Mother's Day, always requires a bit of thinking on my part. I usually go all out for Mother's Day cards because I know my mom and my mother-in-law both really appreciate the things I make for them. The two dads in my life are appreciative because it's from me, but not so much on the actual craftiness. But if I'm making something for Mother's Day, I think the dads would feel slighted to get anything less. And, I have to admit, the challenge is fun too.

I'm pretty happy with what came out this year.

For my dad:

Handmade Father's Day Cards | Red Circle Crafts

Hand-lettering is something I'd really like to get better at. It's so beautiful, and so hard. It's hard enough to figure out which fonts to use when I'm working on a computer and can switch them around, re-size, and rearrange at will. But once I commit to paper there's only so much rearranging I want to do without completely starting over.


For my father-in-law:

Handmade Father's Day Cards | Red Circle CraftsInside: ... Awesome

I followed this video to make the adorable, origami dinosaur. And I got the idea for the card from here.

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