Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Hanging Kitty Planter

Before I start gushing over this planter. I want to remember to remind everyone that I'm hosting a craft night tonight in downtown Portland. I'd love to see you there!

Kitty Planter | Red Circle Crafts

This is my favorite thing right now. Ages ago, I pinned this adorable tutorial from BruDiy to make these kitty planters. The tutorial is in Spanish, but has really cute info-graphics.

What you can't see in my photos is that this is actually a mutant cat. My 2-liter bottle is from seltzer water and has five bumps on the bottom so it ends up looking like my kitty has five legs instead of four. I think most soda bottles just have four.

Kitty Planter | Red Circle Crafts

I literally spent all day waiting for paint to dry while making this. I attempted the face 4 times. The fourth time was deemed good enough. Although I can't help thinking I could still do better if I had another go at it. The wonderful thing is that, if I didn't like the face I'd just made, I could just take it back outside and spray paint over it again. So super easy.

Kitty Planter | Red Circle Crafts

What ended up working for me was making two stencils, one for each color I wanted to use, gold and black. Spray painting the gold nose and ears was kind of a disaster, but a little white acrylic paint touched it up fine. If I'd been smart, I would have used fat sharpies for both colors, instead of just black. I love the look of the sharpie stenciled on. I couldn't get it to look so clean and precise free-handing it, even drawing in pencil first wasn't enough.

I put three holes evenly spaced so I could hang it. Using some simple knots, attached it to a small key chain and hung it up from a hook screwed into the wall. I posted a photo last night on instagram of it hanging by my windows.

Kitty Planter | Red Circle Crafts


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