Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Screen Printing Adventures

Owl Screen Printed Baby Tee

I have been screen printing a lot lately. In what feels like my previous life, I screen printed only in large batches of the same designs over and over. Making a new design was exciting and I had to be really sure of it before I committed to burning a new screen with it. Now, I make a stencil and print only a few copies of whatever I make before throwing away the stencil. If I want to make it again, I have to go back to my original drawings and recreate the stencil. And I really only did that the one time.

It's completely liberating to try out different ideas and just see what will work without worrying about any kind of permanence. I can make a design that I really only intend for one purpose and not worry about spending money on burning a new screen.

This adorable little t-shirt was sewn from this free pattern out of some scraps of fabric I had lying around for the purpose having a few more items to screen print on when I had the idea for this adorable owl. If I'm only using a stencil once, I like to get as much out of it as possible so I tend to screen print any blank item I have handy.

Also, I'm going to be teaching a free class through PDX Skill Share next month about screen printing with stencils. More info soon about it!

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