Friday, June 27, 2014

Sparkl(er)ing Decorations

As the 4th is almost upon us, my RSS feed and Pinterest are filling up with red, white, and blue everything. I don't really like it. I'm just not into it. What I love about the Fourth of July is sitting on a blanket with my family and watching the fireworks explode in the sky. I wasn't introduced to sparklers until I was a teenager, but they're pretty awesome too. (I was deprived and also deeply afraid of fire as child. I'm a little better now, on both accounts.)

So I pulled together some sparkler and fireworks related crafts that don't scream FOURTH OF JULY too badly. Besides you could easily change the color scheme a bit and enjoy them anytime of year.

Straw Sparklers from HazelflyThese straw sparklers from Hazelfly are pretty adorable and I probably want to make them for my next birthday party.


Sparkler Cupcake from Bayside BrideThis photo is from a wedding blog called Bayside Bride. Sometimes wedding blogs have the best party-related DIYs. I love the idea of sticking a sparkler in a cupcake.


DIY 4th of July Matchbox Printable from Almost Makes PerfectAnd for lighting all of your sparklers and fireworks (are they legal in Portland?) Almost Makes Perfect has a wonderful DIY and printable.

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