Thursday, June 19, 2014

Toy Boat DIYs

I have this image in my head of little children chasing after small rafts of twigs and leaves hastily made and then raced (I use this term loosely) down a creek. It seems to embody summer for me in a lot ways, except for the fact that I never did that. But I still manage a wave of nostalgia for all the sweet little paper and driftwood boats I've been seeing in handmade stores and on pinterest. I think I may need to make some newspaper boats and float them in the Willamette. Would that be littering?

Or maybe I'll make something more like these and hold onto them because they're too cute to let float away downstream. (Also would they actually float?)

Newspaper Boats from Diaper Style Memoirs

I love these newspaper boats from Diaper Style Memoirs. The rest of the photos of the nautical-handmade-party-just-because are super cute.


Driftwood Sail Boat from Blackbirds & Bumblebees

This more traditional driftwood boat from Blackbirds & Bumblebees gets points for style.


Twig Boat DIY on Delia Creates

I love the look of this twiggy raft. Link includes a tutorial on how she made it. Though I think half the fun of these projects are the jury-rigging unusually shaped materials.


DIY Cork Sailboats In A Jar

Handmade Charlotte has a great tutorial for making itty bitty sail boats out of wine corks.


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