Tuesday, July 8, 2014

DIY Wood & Leather Frames

DIY Frame | Red Circle Crafts

I bought J this print for Christmas. And I'm only now framing it and putting it up on our walls. We're not great at buying each other presents because they end up being presents for ourselves as well. If I had been buying for me, I would have bought the purple elephant.

After much agonizing over how I was going to hang this odd-sized print, I saw this tutorial from Coming Home To Roost. It's perfect! Although I'm a little unhappy with the heaviness of the bottom piece of wood and the wrinkles in fake leather backing.

I chose to use faux leather instead of canvas as is suggested in the tutorial because I wanted something that wouldn't unravel on me. I think after a few days of hanging, the pleather will be nice and smooth. Looking at the photos from Coming Home To Roost, I can see that some of hers have the same problem mine do. The bottom piece of wood doesn't want to sit flat against the wall and hangs out at an angle. I think if I was permanently attaching my artwork to the frame, I could staple high enough that it wouldn't do this so much, but as it stands, I'm just going to have to deal.

Because of a happy accident, I decided to leave a staple sticking a bit out of the top-back to hang it up by instead of adding leather like I did to my other frame.

DIY Frame | Red Circle Crafts

This painting is actually from my mom's recent trip to Sydney Australia. Between the size (metric) and the fact that it's a small piece of unstretched canvas, it was pretty hard to frame. So this worked out perfectly. I also love it with the leather hanger.

I've had a spot on my wall waiting for these two pieces, so I'm happy to fill them up. The artwork seems a little precarious in the frames, but it's not like they'll be knocked about.

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