Thursday, July 17, 2014


J and I have joked that someone should make a Yogi Bear App that works like the zombie game with geo-tagging picnic baskets, park rangers, etc. I suppose that until someone does that, we'll have to bring our own picnics instead of stealing someone else's.

Here are a few picnicking DIYs to help you on your way to towards that outside eating adventure.

DIY Picnic Basket from Style Me PrettyFirst things first, the picnic basket is key. These from Style Me Pretty are actually apple baskets with some plaid inserts sewn together and inserted in the basket along with lunch.


Mason Jar Straw Lids DIY from That's What Che SaidMason jars are pretty much useful for everything. I love that you could use a regular lid for travel and then switch out the straw-friendly lids for spill-free and anti-bug drinking at the park. This DIY requires some drilling and specialized plastic grommets, but doesn't look too complicated for someone with minimal power tool capabilities.


Picnic Blanket Roll from Purl BeeThis is not a new tutorial from the Purl Bee, but I am still lusting over it. It's a fairly simple blanket, but the ingenious part is really the straps with D-rings used to keep it all rolled up tight. I'm into just about anything that makes spontaneous picnicking possible.


Green Space Travel Case from Design SpongeThis Green Space Travel Case from Design Sponge is really lovely. You don't need to go outside to have a picnic! It would make a great, funny gift for someone or a real statement piece to your boss. Just pull it out at lunch if you normally eat at your desk. "The only green grass I get to see is the grass I bring in myself." Also, that's real grass in the photo. I almost think it would be funnier with astro turf.


Diner En Blanc2013P.S. If you're in Portland, the Diner En Blanc is happening on the 26th. J and I went last year and thought it was pretty awesome.

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