Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Screen Printing Class Success!

Strong Man Stencil Ready to Print

I had such a great time at PDX Skill Share on Saturday. I think the class went great and the feedback I got was really good. Plus everyone got a chance to print! I was a little afraid there wouldn't be enough time and some people wouldn't.

Supplies Set at Each Place

Some lessons were learned.

This class needs about a half an hour of class time for clean up, and more sinks.

15 people, instead of 25 would have been much more manageable. I'm afraid I wasn't able to give everyone the attention they needed.

Students Working Together

I need to spend a few more minutes discussing the actual printing part. I demonstrated, but I should have talked a bit more about troubleshooting any issues people had.

Cardboard squeegees suck. The price was perfect, but if I do this again, I need a different DIY squeegee.

Images for Stencils


I think I did a good job squeezing this class into 50 minutes, but think how much more fun it would have been in an hour and a half or two hour time slot.

More photos from the class here.

If anyone has any photos of my class, please send them my way! You can tag me on facebook, twitter, or instagram or just email me!

Manny w/ his Circus Elephant Printed Notebook

Emily with her Fork & Knife Printed Notebook

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