Monday, August 4, 2014

Division Street Fair

You're probably wondering what happened to me last week. Or not. Either way.

I ran out of my prepared blog posts and thought maybe I'd have a chance to make some things and post some things, but frankly I am swamped! I've had big, huge, life changing, crafting events two weeks apart all summer. How amazing for me, right? Also I'm a bit on the exhausted side. I'm super, super lucky that I have some amazing friends who have been more than supportive while I suffer these growing pains.

I've got some great photos from the Division Street Fair, which was pretty hot and a lot of fun. But first, news!

My etsy store is open! It only has 4 things in it, but more to come. So go check it out and tell your friends! You can see a link to it on the sidebar too. In case you need to find it again.

Renegade Portland is coming to town August 9th & 10th and I'm doing free Mini Pinata Workshops all day(s) long at it. For anyone unfamiliar with Renegade, it's an awesome craft fair with amazing vendors and cool happenings. It's got a little different flavor than the local Crafty Wonderland. And this is the first year it's in Portland.

Thanks to everyone that I met and talked to me at the Street Fair. I loved seeing how people interact with my products and I got some great feedback that I needed.

Red Circle Crafts Sign

While I was actually pretty good and got most of my prep work done in advance, I did end up making my sign at 10:30 the night before when inspiration finally struck.

Division Street Fair | Red Circle Crafts Division Street Fair | Red Circle Crafts Division Street Fair | Red Circle Crafts Division Street Fair | Red Circle Crafts

There was a parade!

Division Street Fair | Red Circle Crafts

There was much more than this one band, but I was too busy to leave my booth to get any photos except for a few shots of these guys. That rolling drum set was amazing.

Division Street Fair | Red Circle Crafts Division Street Fair | Red Circle Crafts

The Birthday Party In a Boxes were a big hit. People were absolutely fascinated by them, although I think most people were at first confused by the concept. This kid negotiated with me so he could buy one with his allowance.

Hope to see more friendly faces at Renegade this weekend. I'll have more kits and patterns available for purchase as well as the free pinata making.


  1. How awesome! The cat boards for the bows are super adorable. I’d love to know just what’s inside that party in a box… Can you share details?☺️

  2. Thanks!

    The party boxes have all the things you might use to throw tour own mini birthday party. There's a party blower, a tiny party hat, a candle, a balloon, a small roll of streamers, and an odd collection of the sort of things you might get out of a party goodie bag.