Friday, August 29, 2014

I made a loom!

Lap Loom | Red Circle Crafts

I am so excited! I've been staring longingly at woven wall-hangings all summer thinking thoughts about how difficult it must be. But I've been inspired. A Beautiful Mess has a tutorial for making one that looks easy. But first you need a loom. So I made one. It's a little wonky, I know. But I can't even tell you how difficult it is to nail 32 finishing nails exactly evenly in two straight lines. That's not true. I can tell you, but you and I would both rather get to looking at woven things.

First a few more photos of my new lap loom.

Lap Loom | Red Circle Crafts

It's made from a piece of plywood that I had laying around. In fact it's a piece of an old sign from the bakery my husband and I used to have. And has 32 finishing nails total in two lines approximately 8.5 inches from each other.

Lap Loom | Red Circle Crafts

I need a few more things: a shuttle and a shed stick. I'm still learning what that means. But I'll find/make them as necessary.

I've heard that once you start weaving, you don't stop. So dear family and friends, you may all be receiving woven wall-hangings for Christmas this year as I may not have time to make anything else or know what to do with all of the many pieces I shall be weaving.

And now, the fun part. The very beautiful pieces that other people have made.

Cheif and KewpieFrom Chief and Kewpie. I totally recommend following her on Instagram too.


Wall Hanging from Lemon CuculluFrom Lemon Cucullu on Etsy.


Wall Hanging from racheljOKFrom racheljOK on Etsy.


Wall Hanging from Southern Textiles on EtsyFrom Southern Textiles on Etsy.


Wall Hanging from wolfandwoodland on EtsyFrom wolfandwoodland on Etsy.


All photos of finished, woven wall-hangings in this post belong to their respective, linked owners.


  1. You might be able to repurpose a wooden or plastic ruler – the plastic ones will already have some holes in them. I don’t use a loom to weave on, but for beadwork I use a small one occasionally. My daughter does card weaving occasionally. (I’m not really sure what that is yet, I’m still learning!)
    You appear to have some goals and I know if you try you can do a nice job. Have fun!

  2. Thanks! A ruler is a good idea. I was thinking of using a scrap of foam core and a fork.

  3. The foam core could be used to hold the ends of your texture (string, thread, yarn). Small slits, like in the kumihimo plates. I used it to hold threads/cords while I braided them, and I just had a slit at the top to hold the primary part of the braid, one on each side to hold the cord(s) for those sides, and one at the bottom to hold it in case I stopped for the night. Foam core would cost about a dollar at Michaels, for a 9×12 (?) piece.

  4. I was thinking of foam core because I already have some. I figured I could just cut a piece down to the size I need.