Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Rolling Stamp Wrapping Paper

Stamp Rolling Wrapping Paper | Red Circle Crafts

It was J's birthday last week. I kind of love Birthday's. Mine was more than a little hectic this year what with it falling in the middle of my super-crazy schedule, but we did a bit more to celebrate J's. And a little more birthday-ing for me too.

While I didn't get a chance to make anything for his birthday present this year (just too busy), I did manage to whip up some cute wrapping paper for him.

I don't really like buying wrapping paper. I don't have room to store rolls of it and it's just going to get thrown out as soon as it comes off the gift. But I also think that part of the gift is presentation. So I've been trying to achieve a balance by upcycling papers to use as wrapping paper or finding re-usable packaging.

For this, I decided to use kraft paper (from a gently-used, paper bag), though you could easily print on rolls of kraft paper* if you don't want folds in your wrapping paper.

Stamp Rolling Wrapping Paper | Red Circle Crafts

Have you seen those adorable rolling stamps* that you can use to print patterns? This is a much more DIY version of those. I used the end of a lint roller (just one clean, sticky sheet left on it) and cut out pieces of foam from a sheet (like these*) in the shape of birthday hats and stuck them to the sticky paper on the lint roller. It was surprisingly easy to make. The more complicated and/or small the shape, the harder it was to cut out nicely. Different sized hole punches definitely worked wonders for adding small details though.

Stamp Rolling Wrapping Paper | Red Circle Crafts

When you're ready to print, cover the foam, evenly, but not heavily, with paint (I used acrylic) and then carefully roll the roller along the paper. Re-inking your roller as the paint fades on your print. I had hoped that I could roll the roller along like I do on my clothes to get off cat hair. That did not work. I had to hold the roller with both hands and roll it along, otherwise it just smeared.

I kind of love how uneven and crazy it came out. I may get better at it with practice, but I think I'll keep to rough shapes that are easy to understand so that I don't have to try for a perfect print each time.

Stamp Rolling Wrapping Paper | Red Circle Crafts Stamp Rolling Wrapping Paper | Red Circle Crafts

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P.S. I'll be posting the winners from my contest at Renegade to with a Birthday Party Box in the blog later this week. So if you signed up for my mailing list at Renegade, stay tuned!

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