Thursday, September 11, 2014

Back To School Tutorial Round Up

It's September and even if I'm not going back to school, there are tons of awesome back-to-school tutorials showing up across the internet right now. Too many not to want to start making some for myself. I still need pencil cases and notebooks, OK?


Take Flight Knapsack from See Kate Sew via Birch FabricsI love this adorable little backpack from See Kate Sew via Birch Fabrics blog. It's a fairly simple concept and would be pretty easy to size for an adult, if, you know, you wanted one of these for yourself. Like I do.


DIY Belt + Board from PoppytalkI don't currently have a bulletin board, which is a little crazy. I think I always had one, until a few years ago when I chose not to include it in a move across the country. This tutorial for a small one from Poppytalk might be a good, moving-friendly alternative for the large piece that took up so much of my work area wall.


Block Zip Pouch Tutorial from Minki KimMinki Kim has this lovely tutorial for these squared zip pencil pouches. The pattern is exactly what you'd expect, but I love the way she pairs neutral linen with cute fabrics and her other designs are as inspiring. You could even do something that looks color blocked with this pattern. Modern and sweet all at once.


DIY Pencils from Merry ThoughtI had no idea you could make pencils! I love finding tutorials for things that I didn't even know you could get handmade. The tutorial for these pencils looks fairly simple, with lovely results.


DIY Mini Pocket Notebook Journal From A Cereal Box from Creme De La CraftIt doesn't get any better for me than upcycling office school supplies. These pretty notebooks are made from cereal boxes. I'm so on this.


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