Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Fanged Necklace

Fanged Necklace | Red Circle Crafts

I'm feeling the Halloween spirit already. It happens early and lasts late in my home. Well, at least for me. J probably gets tired of it, but is kind enough not to say so.

This is quite easy to make and makes me giggle every time I see it.


White Shrink Film
Hole Punch
Two Jump Rings
A necklace

Click on the image below and right click to save the template.

Vampire Fangs Template

Print it out and use it to trace onto the shrink film. I used a pencil to trace so it wouldn't bake onto the film. (Template should print so it's approximately 4" wide and bake down to approximately 2" wide.)

Cut out your design and punch a hole in the top of each incisor. Bake following the directions on your package of shrink film.

Attach the jump rings and put on a necklace.

If this tickles you, you may also enjoy the They Might Be Giants song on loop in my head right now: I've Got a Fang.

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