Friday, September 12, 2014

Forest For The Trees Portland Murals

Blaine Fontana at NE 18th & Alberta
One of my favorite things about Portland is all of the art in public spaces. I'm still not sure what to make of the weird solar powered lamps in Old Town, but the rest, especially the unauthorized art still thrills me.

Forest For The Trees recently completed their 2014 murals and they are amazing! I've only seen a few in person (so far), but I can't wait to check them all out. A few of my favorite local artists participated too. It's a real joy to be walking along and find myself in front of a new mural. Although I think I may plan a trip along their map to see some that would normally be out of my way.

Gage Hamilton on NW Couch & ParkAll photos in this post are my own. Click on the images for links to the artists. Hold your cursor over the photo for the locations of their murals.

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