Thursday, September 18, 2014

Halloween Costumes!

Am I too early? I feel like I should hold off from talking about Halloween until October. But really, if you're planning to make your Halloween costume, it's time to start it now. So consider this your early warning (if the Halloween candy at the grocery store isn't enough) that it's time to start thinking about costumes.

I really love Halloween and I love seeing people who put together crazy, awesome costumes. Some of the best ones I've ever seen were made with cardboard. Mine are usually sewn together. Although I still haven't decided what it's going to be this year. We'll see.

Here are few interesting ones floating about the internet if you're looking for some inspiration and maybe a how-to or three.

BurdaStyle Woodland Costume PatternsIf you're planning on sewing a costume, and especially if you already have an idea of what you're looking for, BurdaStyle has a wide range of basic costume patterns for beginner sewers. They're all available for download and can be printed on your home printer.


Free Red Riding Hood Cape Pattern from Fleece FunThis cape from Fleece Fun is gorgeous with the full hood. It would be great for any number of costumes: Rennaisance Maiden, Vampire, Snow White, or Red Riding Hood. It would change completely with different fabric, color, etc.


Toddler Owl Costume Tutorial from Mom Inc DailyYes, this is a toddler Owl costume, but it has a tutorial with tons of photos and I'm considering adapting it for myself. It's fairly straight-forward, but I love the unfinished, visible seams. That's not something I've seen on any other owl tutorials, but it helps give the impression of feathers without too much actual detail.


Kidnapped Mermaid Costume from ModMischief on InstructablesThis Kidnapped Mermaid costume is much more building and much less sewing (although it still has some). Frankly it's brilliant. I love optical illusion costumes and this one is really pretty practical as far as these things go. I remember a WWI Fighter Pilot costume that was too big to fit through a door.


Butterfly Costume from the Carboard CollectiveIf you're looking for an entirely non-sewing option, cardboard is really the way to go. It's easy to come by and can be used in sooo many different ways. This headpiece is for a butterfly costume. There is a family of insect costumes not to mention a dozen other ideas, with some tutorials thrown in at the Cardboard Collective.


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