Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tassel Necklace

First a reminder! Tonight is craft night. If you are in Portland and available, I hope you'll come. We're making stamps, but you can bring your own project if you'd prefer.

Tassel Necklace | Red Circle Crafts

I cannot even believe the number of projects I can't show you right now. I've started Christmas/Birthday present making already. I'm so used to posting photos of everything as I make it at least on Instagram. But there are too many eyes watching.

This tassel necklace was a simple little thing I whipped up after seeing this tutorial from Alice & Lois. It really is as easy to make as the tutorial claims.

Tassel Necklace | Red Circle Crafts

I love the way theirs looks laying down, but I was less happy with it when hanging, like you would wear it, so I opted to put all three tassels on one larger jump ring so they would all hang from one focal point.

P.S. I think I should use this photo to jump start my hand modeling career.

Some things I wish I'd done differently:

You may have noticed how much shorter my tassels are than the tutorials. Which was not actually on purpose. Trying to cut them all the same length just about killed me. In the end, I took them all in hand and cut them at the same time with my nice, sharp scissors. By that point even was much shorter than anticipated. I'm not unhappy with it. And honestly, I could just remake them if I decide I do want longer tassels. NEXT TIME (because tassels are really too much fun to not have a next time) I'll cut them at the same time, maybe even using tape to get a super even cut.

If you're thinking, oh jewelry, I don't make jewelry, like I often do, keep in mind that this is about the simplest jewelry making thing, opening and closing one jump ring. I do own two pairs of jewelry pliers to do this, but you don't strictly need them. Any needle-nosed pliers will work, combined with something to hold the other side of the jump ring steady. Be creative! I'm sure you've got something that will work.

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