Thursday, October 23, 2014

Halloween Crafting Round Up

I can hardly believe that Halloween is 8 days away. I have a pumpkin or two leftover from last night's carving party that I want to carve (maybe gnomes?) and a costume to finish. Really though, I'm feeling pretty happy with my decorations and general festiveness.

Do you still have a few items on your Halloween To Do list or need some last minute inspiration? Here's a selection of my own Halloween crafting.

Hanging Origami Bats | Red Circle CraftsI made three different paper Halloween garlands last year. Check them out here. With a bit of careful storing, all of them are still in good condition and up again this year, if in slightly different places.

Halloween Scrappy Bunting | Red Circle CraftsThis year's Halloween Bunting is great for using up scraps of fabric you have laying around from other projects. I like printing iconic images onto otherwise un-Halloween prints.

How to Make a Cat Bow Tie| Red Circle CraftsPet Bow ties work for a variety of costumes. This tutorial goes into a lot of detail and is a pretty simple project. Sewing a bit much for you? I have some for sale in my etsy shop too.

Fanged NecklaceI've been wearing this fanged necklace as much as possible so far this month. It's a nice nod to a costume if you aren't much into wearing a full get up.

Halloween always feels magical to me. I love the change in seasons, the other worldly decorations and the chance to dress as someone else for a day.

If you're in Portland, I hear that Cosmic Soda Pop and Candy Shop is going out of business and has their whole inventory on super sale to liquidate it. If you're looking for Halloween candy, that is maybe the place to go.

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