Monday, October 20, 2014

Halloween Scrappy Banner

Halloween Scrappy Bunting | Red Circle CraftsTonight is my pumpkin carving party! I knew I wanted to make something new to decorate for tonight (and of course Halloween next week), but I was surprisingly uninspired. I put up my decorations from last year and was almost thinking that maybe that was all I needed. Of course, not all of my decorations from last year survived; that is the problem with decorating with paper.

This tutorial for making adorable treat bags finally convinced me to take some ink to fabric and make a Halloween bunting. I kind of love bunting. And this one was so easy. It's a scrappy bunting, so frayed edges are not only OK, but encouraged.

Halloween Scrappy Bunting | Red Circle Crafts

How I did it

I cut out 5" x 7" rectangles (and then decided to notch the bottom) of some different black and white scraps of fabric. The only Halloween fabric I decided to use is that adorable green monster print. I cut 18 pieces, but it was entirely arbitrary.

Halloween Scrappy Bunting | Red Circle Crafts

Then I printed out the templates from Alice and Lois' tutorial.

Now you have two options. Follow along their freezer paper and foam paint brush method or use contact paper and screen print. If you're interested in the screen print option, but have never done it before, might I recommend my screen printing kit in my etsy shop?

I used the templates to create stencils out of contact paper and put them on screens. Then I printed each image twice onto two different bunting pieces. I like having some printed on and some not. But use your own judgement!

Halloween Scrappy Bunting | Red Circle Crafts

Once they were all dry, I ran an iron over them in a half-hearted effort to heat set the ink. Since I know these won't ever be washed, I'm not so worried about it.

Take each piece, fold it down in the back about half an inch and sew one straight seam across to hold it in place. I then used a 6-inch tapestry needle (though a small paper clip or safety pin with string tied to the end works too) to thread some string through each piece.

Then hang in a jaunty fashion.

Halloween Scrappy Bunting | Red Circle Crafts

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