Friday, October 17, 2014

Halloween Treat Bags

Little Halloween treat bags (and boxes and strange little containers) fill my heart with a certain amount of glee. The 7 year old that still lives in me just wants the candy, but the tiny container is its own treat too.

These are some new takes on the tried and true plus some new to me shapes and sizes.

Halloween Goodie Bag DIY from Smitten On PaperThese use classic paper treat bags (that come in all sorts of fun colors and designs), but Smitten On Paper has a lovely printable to make it special.

Ghost Favor Boxes from Mr. PrintablesMr. P has my favorite Halloween treat boxes yet, with a tutorial to make waxed paper and printable to help you fold these crazy awesome ghosts.

Iron-On Halloween Treat Bags from Used BlogYou can buy or make itty bitty bags and use the iron-on printable from the Used Blog to make your own Trick or Treat bags.

Crepe Paper Pumpkins from Martha StewartMartha Stewart has some of the most interesting tutorials. While I'm not exactly a fan, she has a great team and so many creative ideas. These pumpkins are particularly great. Beware that this must be an old project because the website formatting is a bit weird. The instructions are simple and are explained in the description.

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  1. What a great idea. I’ve been thinking about offering non-candy options for kids with food allergies, and these filled with a craft supplies, or knick knacks would be perfect!