Monday, November 17, 2014

Giving Thanks Through Charitable Donations

Give!Guide from Willamette Weekly

It's the holiday season officially now. Which means I'm getting lots of requests for donations, as we all are. It's frustrating to be asked by everyone and their mother, but I still try to give some money at this time of year as a reminder to myself that even if I don't have much, I still have more than some.

If you are in the Portland Area you're probably aware of the Give!Guide from Willamette Weekly. It recommends itself to me for a couple of reasons: they vet the organizations that are included in it; offer incentives for as little as a $10 donation; and a number of the organizations in it have private donors willing to match the amount raised publicly through the Give!Guide.

So I want to highlight a few of the organizations in the Give!Guide this year that offer crafty or DIY services to the community.
Independent Publishing Resource Center has a great zine library, a print workshop, plus lots of cool classes and events. Donate here

Portland Tool Libraries makes it possible for people to borrow tools of all shapes and sizes for lots of different projects. It's a really great resource for DIY projects. Donate here

SCRAP is one of my favorite places for off- the-wall craft projects. If you follow me on Instagram you've seen some of the great things that I've found there. I also love that it's keeping a lot of the supplies out of the landfill and giving them new homes to excited creative people. Donate here

Whether you choose to donate any money to one of these organizations or another, I think the most valuable thing is to choose one that means something to you. Sometimes I choose one that means something to someone that I'm having trouble finding a gift for instead and put the donation in their name. Either way it leaves me feeling like I'm helping to make a difference.

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