Monday, November 3, 2014

Mail a Piece of Cake

Mail a Cake | Red Circle Crafts

Back in July I posted about a faux Ice Cream Sandwich Postcard, which created a monster. I now want to mail EVERYTHING! There's a whole movement about mailing weirdly shaped items (flip flops, teddy bears, 2-liter bottles, etc.). As long as you can stick the requisite stamps to it and it's 13 oz or less you can pretty much mail whatever.

Despite all that, I was a little nervous that the postal person was going to say, "Sorry, you can't mail that." Turns out she just wanted to check and make sure I had enough stamps on it.

Mail a Cake | Red Circle Crafts Mail a Cake | Red Circle Crafts

So this particular piece of cake was made using the tutorial from She Knows. Mine is a little messier. I imagine that practice makes perfect. To be honest, the cake looks about as good as a real cake I would make. Frosting is a little uneven and smooshed here and there and the slice is not cut exactly perfectly. It was however made with much enthusiasm. I think that counts for something, right?

Mail a Cake | Red Circle Crafts

It was remarkably easy to make overall, assuming you already know how to pipe frosting and are maybe better at than I am or at least don't mind it being imperfect. I hear the rustic look is in.

I highly recommend this project, especially if you want to be the "cool" aunt and send this to your niece for her birthday, like I did.

Mail a Cake | Red Circle Crafts

P.S. My slice of cake required six 49¢ stamps.

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