Wednesday, December 3, 2014

My Favorite Free Plush Toy Patterns

It's the time of year where I turn down engagements to stay home and make Christmas presents. Or sometimes agree to them if I can bring my project along.

One of the things I almost always end up making is a plush toy. I love plush toys. So here's a list of free patterns and tutorials that I really like.

Yeti Monster Softie from Amanda Tepie

I made this yeti for myself last Christmas, I like it so much. It's pretty easy to make and turned out super cute. Get the pattern and tutorial from Amanda Tepie on Tuts Plus.

Wool Bunny from Purl Bee

This sweet wool bunny from Purl Bee comes with a really detailed tutorial and a printable pattern. I love those ears so much!

Whale Plush Toy from Valaan VillapaitaThe tutorial from Valaan Villapait is really tough to follow and doesn't have a printable pattern, but I love the way it looks! Recommended for experienced softie-makers. You can see the one I made that was inspired by this tutorial here.

Nessie Plush Toy from We Lived Happily Ever AfterThis nessie is about as big as a toddler. I love giant plush toys. If I didn't need to ship the majority of my Christmas presents, I would already have made this. Tutorial and printable pattern (requires taping sheets together) from We Lived Happily Ever After.

You can also find lots of patterns on etsy for lovely plush toys. Here's a short list of some that I like.

Plush Toy Patterns on Etsy

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