Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Making Words

Word Art: "erinaceous" | Red Circle Crafts

One of the people I follow on Instagram (Cookoorikoo) has inspired me to be a bit wordy. She has this amazing wall of embroidered words, with black fabric hung in embroidery hoops. As a lover of weird words, I'm completely smitten. So I'm building my own word wall. Though I don't plan to stick to just embroidery.

Word Art: "erinaceous" | Red Circle Crafts

I started with the word erinaceous: n. of or pertaining to hedgehogs. It's a word I never would have heard of if not for a fabulous TED Talk by Erin McKean about the point of lexicography and the flexibility of language. The word itself has become synonymous in my mind with that TED talk. So it seems fitting to start a collection of words with it.

Word Art: "erinaceous" | Red Circle Crafts

I'm including the pattern I made for this, in case you'd like to embroider this as well. Download here.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

DIY Coasters

I've been meaning to make some coaster for ages now. It makes me think I might be a real grown up worrying about drinks on surfaces. I end up pulling out place mats during game nights to put drinks on around whatever we're playing. My desk is probably a lost cause at this point, but it would be nice to have a stack of colorful coasters sitting on my desk in any case.


Hexagon Coasters from Leelah LovesI love these felt hexagons from Leelah Loves (in German). She glued the pieces together to make a larger surface, but I love that they could be tiled or used individually. I can imagine putting a few together to set a pot of tea on or using just one at a time for drinks. The only difficulty is finding that thick felt. She specifies 3mm thickness.


Tile Coasters from Cottage MamaThe Cottage Mama has a tutorial to turn tiles from the hardware store into coasters. She uses scrapbook paper, but I'm eyeing the old maps I've got tucked away for a rainy day project.


Citrus Coasters from Purl BeeThese Citrus Felt Coasters from The Purl Bee are VERY summery, but I'm still drawn to them. I'm just a summer kind of girl, I guess. They look fairly simple. I would be sure to use wool felt and not polyester though, so they continue to look so nice even after wear and tear.

The last idea floating around in my brain is just to cut some circles from a tree branch around the right thickness. The raw wood would age nicely and I love the way they look with the bark still on.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Weavers I'm following on Instagram

Weavings | Red Circle Crafts

After I made myself a lap loom at the end of August, I did in fact get bitten by the weaving bug. It's a real thing. Everyone I know that weaves (a surprising lot, honestly) nod their head knowingly when I say that I'm addicted.

I've posted some work in progress shots on Instagram of weavings I made. Most of them were given away for Christmas presents, as I predicted.

One of the things I've noticed though is that pictures of weavings attract weavers. Just from sharing my own projects I've picked up some great people to follow. Here are three of my favorites.


Weavings by woolandweave on Instagram


Weaving by leeleeweaves on Instagram


WIP Weaving by agateandelm on Instagram

Isn't that one from agateandelm amazing! I'm dying to try out that technique; I've never seen anything like it. Although I think I'd like to get a little better at making diamond shapes first.

One of the best things about following weavers on Instagram is seeing in process shots, different looms and tools people use, and, my favorite, the backs of weavings.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Holiday Market Recap

And we're back...

I ended up taking an extra week off than I originally planned to do some 2015 planning, some sewing, and generally taking it easy after the hectic holiday season.

So the Holiday Market is over. Thank you to everyone that made it a success. I couldn't have done it without the support of Mary, Wes, the craft night gals (men are welcome too), our sponsors, and definitely my vendors.

Everyone who stopped by was amazing. Especially those of you that came out in the rain on Saturday. Man was that a downpour.

You can see more photos on Facebook and also if you scroll back through my Instagram. I took a ton of photos during the market.

Shoppers at Red Circle Crafts' Holiday Market 2014

Vendors at Red Circle Crafts' Holiday Market