Tuesday, January 20, 2015

DIY Coasters

I've been meaning to make some coaster for ages now. It makes me think I might be a real grown up worrying about drinks on surfaces. I end up pulling out place mats during game nights to put drinks on around whatever we're playing. My desk is probably a lost cause at this point, but it would be nice to have a stack of colorful coasters sitting on my desk in any case.


Hexagon Coasters from Leelah LovesI love these felt hexagons from Leelah Loves (in German). She glued the pieces together to make a larger surface, but I love that they could be tiled or used individually. I can imagine putting a few together to set a pot of tea on or using just one at a time for drinks. The only difficulty is finding that thick felt. She specifies 3mm thickness.


Tile Coasters from Cottage MamaThe Cottage Mama has a tutorial to turn tiles from the hardware store into coasters. She uses scrapbook paper, but I'm eyeing the old maps I've got tucked away for a rainy day project.


Citrus Coasters from Purl BeeThese Citrus Felt Coasters from The Purl Bee are VERY summery, but I'm still drawn to them. I'm just a summer kind of girl, I guess. They look fairly simple. I would be sure to use wool felt and not polyester though, so they continue to look so nice even after wear and tear.

The last idea floating around in my brain is just to cut some circles from a tree branch around the right thickness. The raw wood would age nicely and I love the way they look with the bark still on.


  1. I love the geometric design! I might make those coasters!! Or hot pads...

  2. Simple, but classy. They're pretty awesome. I hope you do make them!