Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Making Words

Word Art: "erinaceous" | Red Circle Crafts

One of the people I follow on Instagram (Cookoorikoo) has inspired me to be a bit wordy. She has this amazing wall of embroidered words, with black fabric hung in embroidery hoops. As a lover of weird words, I'm completely smitten. So I'm building my own word wall. Though I don't plan to stick to just embroidery.

Word Art: "erinaceous" | Red Circle Crafts

I started with the word erinaceous: n. of or pertaining to hedgehogs. It's a word I never would have heard of if not for a fabulous TED Talk by Erin McKean about the point of lexicography and the flexibility of language. The word itself has become synonymous in my mind with that TED talk. So it seems fitting to start a collection of words with it.

Word Art: "erinaceous" | Red Circle Crafts

I'm including the pattern I made for this, in case you'd like to embroider this as well. Download here.

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