Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Baby Shower Gifting

It seems that every spring, I have a few baby showers to attend. This year, is no different. I'm happy that this one is for a close friend here in Portland. No traveling and I'll get to see the baby as frequently as I'm able.

Pacifier Clip | Red Circle Crafts

Part of the present is a pacifier clip. Surprisingly easy to make, it's a strip of fabric, a metal snap, and the clip from a suspender. The suspender clip is sturdier than what they use for most pacifier clips you can buy. So this one will actually stay where you put it.

I'm going to add some pacifiers to the package, but instead of giving an opened package, I drew a pacifier to attach to the clip so that the new parents would immediately know what they're looking at. Out of context, it really doesn't look like much.

Pacifier Clip | Red Circle Crafts

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  1. Oh I just made a burp cloth for a friend and now want to have a go at this as well!